Privacy Policy

Login Information - All users are required to login to Partytown with their Facebook account. When users login to Partytown using Facebook, we require the users to permit an access to their basic information from Facebook API including name, gender, birthday, events, and post activity. However, we do not store passwords of any kind, and Facebook API does not permit a direct access to your account. For Partytown to show accurate information about the events and to create statistics about each event, we store the users information onto our secure database. This information is prohibited from accessing and sharing unless requested by a law-enforcement.

Location - To view accurate information of events surrounding users, we require an access to their current location. This information allows us to compile the right kind of events for users according to their current location as well as being able to be invited to the events nearby by venues. We store this information on our secure database until new location is updated, and we do not have regular access to this data unless required by the law-enforcement.

Invites through Contacts - All the invites that users make through Contacts will require Partytown's server to ensure no same person will receive the invite from the same sender. For this to occur, user's phone numbers are stored with encryption on the database. This encryption is one-way, meaning no members at Partytown will know the true phone numbers. These are used to compare whether the user has already been invited by the same sender.